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Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Warriors Are Welcomed Home

Longtime members of the Frogosphere will remember how the SEAL community lost 11 operators during Operation Red Wing in Kunar, Afghanistan in July of this year. A four SEAL recon element was compromised and engaged by a numerically superior force of an estimated 100 or so Taliban. The SR element called for assistance which was answered by two MH-47 helicopters from TF-160 carrying members of SEAL Team TEN and SEAL Delivery Vehicle Team ONE. One of those helos was downed by enemy fire as the eight SEALs aboard prepared to conduct a daylight fastrope under fire to help their embattled brothers. In addition to the 11 SEALs that fell that day, eight members of the 3/160th Special Operations Aviation Regiment perished in the helo crash.

SDV ONE welcomed home the platoon from deployment that lost five of its own. Trident86 from SDV ONE sent me this photo from the Team area acknowledging their losses and their accomplishments. Below the picture are some links to the posts relating to this incident. Many of them are from Scott King who has been indisposed, but with us in spirit.
Dark Days Ahead, Tribute to the Fallen, The Names, SEAL Memorial at the Punchbowl, Dangerous Work, The ONE, A Warrior at Rest